Ultimate Bet Rakeback

UB gorgeous poker babe Ultimate Bet is one of the leaders of online poker rakeback.

This is one of the best online rakeback deals as you get 30% of your rake back.

Ultimate Bet is for serious players interested in making good money through grinding. If you play a high volume with a consistent and solid strategy, this is grinding and you can make money from the fish at UB. And if you add rakeback on top of that, you can make real good money.

Ultimate Bet Benefits

When you join UB, the first benefit to be aware of is the signup bonus. It is the largest in online poker and you will receive a 111% bonus up to $1,100. This comes in addition to the rakeback deal.

For the rakeback itself it is 30% back to you. For this type of very active room, this is the best rate you will find. There are some rooms with higher rates, but the action is limited so it is not worth your time and energy, as you will waste a lot them waiting for tables to fill up.

Ultimate bet has plenty of action and regular promotions.

One feature that is famous at Ultimate Bet is their bad beat jackpot. This jackpot constantly increases (it is worth $454,654 at the time of writing) and if you are the unlucky player who loses with a monster hand (versus an even stronger monster), than you will make a huge pile of cash

UB first depositor bonus

Full Tilt Poker Rakeback

We offer an exclusive 30% ultimate bet rakeback with daily withdrawal, so you do not need to wait the end of the month to cash out. If you want to be able to withdraw your rakeback at any time you wish, not just month end, you have found the right place.

In addition, you get access to a weekly $5,000 freeroll and a monthly $10,000 rake race. The top 50 players who generate the most rake in a given month will be paid each month into their Ultimate Bet Account.

The way rake is calculated at UB, each time there is a pot large enough where the flop is seen in a ring game, an amount of rake is taken. The rake is equal to or less than 5% of the pot depending on a few factors such as stake level, number of players in the pot and size of the pot. The rake is capped at $3 for all games.

Ultimate Bet uses a detailed grid to calculate the rake for each hand. The bottom line is the rake costs a lot to all players, except if you get rakeback.

Joins Phil Hellmuth and Tiffany Michelle and many other great players at Ultimate Bet today.