Titan Poker Rakeback

Does Titan Poker offer rakeback?

Titan Poker does not allow rakeback through third party. The good news is that their VIP Club offers cash rewards that are equivalent to a rakeback system. If there are so many savvy players at Titan Poker, it is because the benefits they offer are quite alluring.

Titan Poker review

Titan Poker is a very big and popular poker web site. They offer very good promotions and bonuses for new players for individuals who spend a good amount of time and money there. You can play No Limit Hold'Em, Fixed Limit Hold'Em and there are various Sit N Go tournaments.

They provide really good bonuses. New players can get a 200% matched bonus up to $2000. The site also has plenty of promotions, some in which include, Sit N Go Jackpots where players can earn additional bonuses if they win a certain number of Sit N Go tournaments in a row.

Titan poker offers plenty of tournaments. There are guaranteed prize money, Sit N Go and Jackpot tournaments. They offer big payouts and give away millions of dollars every month. The site provides their own software, which is really nice. They also offer an alert system, which will let individuals know when tournaments are coming up. This can be quite convenient if you are a person that does not want to constantly have to check back with the site to see when tournaments are being played.

The competition at Titan Poker is mixed. It will depend on your individual experience and your personal skill set. However, if you are really good, you may find that the competition is a bit weak. The lower the amount of money you wager, the easier the games are. Of course the more money that is being wagered, the better the competition usually is.

The web site has very good customer service. You can chat, e-mail or talk by phone to the customer support staff, which is a really good thing. Individuals can play a number of poker games, which include Texas Hold Em, Seven Card Stud Hi-Low, Omaha Hi-Low, Five Card Stud, Seven Card Stud and Omaha. The minimum deposit to start playing is $20. It is also important to note that players from the United States cannot play with real money.

Titan Poker is a nice poker website. The interface is attractive and the design is easy to navigate. They offer plenty of promotions and pay out a lot of money in cash prizes. They offer an initial deposit match up to $2000. There are Sit N Go Tournaments and Jackpots. There is Titan Poker software that can easily downloaded unto ones computer. There is also a really nice alert system that will let you know when tournaments are coming up.

Players can participate in No Limit Hold Em and Fixed No Limit. Millions of dollars are paid out to online poker players with the skills to dominate and win tournaments. The competition on the site is low to fair when you are participating in the games with cheaper buy-ins and payouts. The competition is decidingly more challenging, the higher the buy-ins and the larger the payouts. Besides Texas Hold Em, Seven Card Stud Hi-Low, Omaha Hi-Low, Five Card Stud, Seven Card Stud and Omaha can all be played at Titan Poker.

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