Poker versus Online Slots

Poker and online slots players seem like very different breeds. It is very rare to hear of an online poker player who clicks over to the online casino to try his luck at the reels. It’s also not that common for a diehard online slots player to sit at the virtual felt with the poker sharks. This is with good reason. Online slots and online poker are two completely different games with features that tend to appeal to very different types of people.

Similarities Between Poker and Online Slots

There are a few similarities between poker and online casino slots. The most obvious of these is that both games are online. For this reason, a poker player could easily try online slots and vice versa if he so desired. It’s a small matter to click on a link for poker or slots. It’s a little trickier to go across the casino and try to find the right one armed bandit to play, or to put your coin bucket down and sign up for the next $3/$6 Omaha game that’s going.

In addition, both games involve putting money at risk. In poker and online slots, you put some of your money up for grabs in the hopes of getting more money returned to you. In poker you have a much better idea of how much money you will be getting back than in slots, but the idea is the same.

Differences Between Poker and Online Slots

This is the point at which similarities end. Poker is a game of cards, even virtual cards, while slots involve spinning reels. In poker, you need to pay attention to all that happens. In online slots, all you have to do is spin the reels and wait to see if the computer tells you you won. In poker, you need to decide whether you have a good enough starting hand to play. With online slots, you’re playing on every single turn.

Summary of Poker Vs. Online Slots

What this all adds up to is that poker is a game of skill, whereas online slots are not. If you are looking to have some mindless fun with the possibility of a nice payout, go with online slots. If you are looking for a challenging game in which you can gain an advantage, try poker (check our reviews).