How to Multi Table

One of the most common questions asked by players who want to add to their winrate is, "How do I play more tables?"

They see stories of experienced players playing 10, 15, 20 or more tables at once and wonder how they do this. Most players realize that if they could play more than one or two tables at a time, then they could likely increase the amount of money per hour that they are making. However, it is not always this simple, more on that later.

Multitabling technique

Fortunately, multitabling is something that can be learned pretty easily with some practice. This article will assume that you can play one or two tables while winning consistently. So the question is how to add more tables and still maintain a positive winrate. There are a few things that should be considered before adding more tables.

For one, if you are barely winning with one table, then adding more tables will not likely help your situation. You should be able to play one or two tables with a solid winrate. In fact, many people know they are ready to add more tables when they find themselves getting bored playing only one or two tables - perhaps perusing online forums or otherwise searching the net or watching t.v.

Another thing is that you should have a solid grasp on the basics of multitabling, such as understanding how to recognize player types, read and understand at least the basic stats and other concepts like starting hands and even bankroll management.

With these concepts solidly understood, you can begin adding more tables.

Best way to multi-table

The best way to do this? Move down for a while and simply open more tables than you are used to playing.

If you have only ever played one at a time, just try two, then add more and more. The real key to being able to play multiple tables is the ability to make quick decisions, then move on.

Many newer players (and even more experienced players) want to see what happens so bad that it makes them miss action on other tables. This is dangerous and a habit that should be broken as soon as possible. If you made the best decision with the information you had available, that is all you can do. The outcome of the hand is irrelevant, knowing that by making solid poker plays you will come out ahead more often than you will lose.

Once you start playing multiple tables, do nothing else. No more watching television or checking out the latest posts in the poker forum. Just focus on playing solid poker. You will be amazed at how much time you often have in between hands, even when playing multiple tables. I can tell you from experience that it is possible to play more than 20 tables at one time and still make good decisions and even take notes on players.

There are dangers in playing multiple tables as well that should be considered.

For one, simply adding more tables does not automatically increase your hourly rate. Many people will find that there is a "magic number" for them that works out to a good hourly rate. Going beyond this number often has the adverse affect of lowering the overall hourly rate. This is something you will need to work out for yourself over time.

Additionally, whenever you are playing multiple tables, you are going to make mistakes. They key is to make sure you are not consistently costing yourself money. You must still be playing very good poker in order to make money, even (or especially) while playing multiple tables.

By following this guideline, adding tables slowly and simply making good poker decisions, you will soon be multitabling like a pro.