About "Rakeback Riches"


We are a group of experienced online poker players and we started this website because we want you our poker player friend to earn more money on your poker game.

When we started playing it was sometimes tough for some of us to make money on a consistent basis. We then started to use poker trackers to analyze our game, and we noticed that the rake charged by online poker rooms was taking a significant portion of our profit away.

As a matter of fact for a player who is at the average of all players, i.e. half players play better and half play worse, you would expect such a player to break even. But in fact this player will lose anywhere between 1BB/100 to 3BB/100, sometimes more depending on the stakes and rake structure. Because of the high cost of the rake, you need to be in the top 10% just to break even.

In our research a few years ago, we found out that some rooms where willing to give some of the rake back to us if we agreed to continue playing with them. This is how we got our first rakeback deals. And getting 20-30% rakeback may seem small, but indeed this is a lot of money in your pocket, especially if you play regularly, and even more so if you play high stakes.

Some of our players get monthly rakeback check in excess of $1,000.

This website was created to share these rakeback deals with all our friends, and you are welcome to sign up and benefit as well. As the rakeback can make us all rich.

Welcome to Rackback Riches.

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