Poker Rakeback

Rakeback is for the savvy players who want to increase their bankroll. When you play online poker, the rake is the commission taken by the room. With rakeback, you simply get some of the rake back into your account.

Rakeback is for active regular players. If you are like most of us poker players, the rake makes a consistent hole in your bankroll. Rakeback means a lot of money is back into your wallet, possibly thousands of dollars monthly for the most active players (we offer daily payments).

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Rakeback explained

The way the rake is calculated depends on the value of the pot for each hand played. The higher the pot, the higher the rake. On average at low or mid-stake, the rake is 5% of the pot. Every online poker site has a slightly different way to calculate the rake, but the average is around 5%.

The rake is capped with a maximum of $3 for each hand. So for the high stakes games where pots typically reach thousands of dollars, the rake is much less than 5%. And for the most part it is negligeable. But for most players, it is not negligeable, far from it. This is how online poker rooms make their profits.

Not surprisingly, online poker as well as online casino businesses as a whole industry are highly profitable. With these high fees and practically no risk, this is the road to immense wealth for the top poker rooms. Thank God there is rakeback, i.e. better rake deals reserved to the most active players.

Rakeback means the poker room will pay you back a portion of the rake as one of their regular players. Active online poker players are aware of the high rake which is limiting their profits. Rakeback is the answer and it is going to make a massive difference for you. Note that the best online online casinos do not offer rakeback, but they do offer other incentives, such as VIP programs and promotions.

So only the most informed poker players are aware of the benefits ofrakeback. Of course online poker sites do not want the word to get out. The majority of poker players do not get rakeback. This is reserved for the savviest players, who want to make the most of the many hours they play online poker every week.

Not every online poker room offers a rakeback program. For example pokerstars and bodog poker do not offer rakeback. But many rooms do, and good rakeback deals can be found at places such as Titan Poker and Powerpoker. Check our list of rakeback deals.

For those who don't play a sufficient volume of poker to focus on rakeback then bonus offers would be a priority. If poker is not your game then you should check out online casinos with a good variety of casino games like blackjack, slots, roulette and video poker. There are even some no download casinos you can choose from. is specialized in rakeback and bonuses only, so you will find the most attractive deals that we can find the Web. Make sure to sign up for a good deal like the Titan Poker Bonus Code before creating your account at a new poker room. Usually new players are treated differently from existing players in this respect, so think about it.

Note that since April 15th 2011, the major online poker rooms do not take new real money players in the USA after the FBI indictment of the founders of these companies. But you can still get cake poker rakeback, as it is legal to play online poker at Cake Poker if you are in America.